ACEMMRA&WGV1 Motor Yacht Robert Allan II Wild Goose Under Sail

Welcome friends!

Our purpose is to restore, maintain, and enjoy the finest vessels from the golden age of yachting on the Great Lakes. ROBERT ALLAN II and WILD GOOSE are magnificent time machines, offering a window into the past and the very best of our maritime heritage.

The ROBERT ALLAN and WILD GOOSE Clubs, based in Montrose Harbor in Chicago, provide members a chance to share both the expense and use of these wonderful yachts. And, for the 2009 boating season, a handful of memberships are available in these two exclusive Clubs.

New boats of comparable size and quality entail a sizeable purchase price, and the interest, depreciation, mooring, storage, insurance, maintenance and operating expense that goes with it. Those wanting to avoid the costs and other responsibilities of ownership may wish to explore Club membership, which offers an extraordinary boating experience for less than a tenth the cost.

We look forward to hearing from anyone interested in the history or the future of these fine vintage yachts.

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